Andreas Rauscher

Andreas Rauscher

audio-machinery, Berlin

audio-machinery is a technical service provider in the fields of broadcast, studio and live sound.

We had already invested in UV-C disinfection technology in June 2020. Now we are very pleased to finally have Li.LAC, a road-ready device that was specifically developed for our industry.

Thus, we have one less worry during transportation, and thanks to the extremely user-friendly operation, we can always have freshly disinfected microphones available for our customers. Especially the short duration of only 7 minutes (5min disinfection + 2min preheat) suits us very well in the hectic everyday TV studio life.
In the next days some equipment will leave our warehouse for a short tour, of course also including Li.LAC.

We are extremely convinced of the robust construction. These devices survive every use, no matter how harsh the conditions.
Thanks to the entire Li.LAC team for this great piece of equipment.”

Li.LAC audio machinery Berlin
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