[ laɪlək ]

microphone disinfector

safe . simple . fast

microphone hygiene
through controlled exposure to
ultraviolet light




<10 min

A disinfection cycle takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

Additional 2 minutes pre-heat time might apply for cold UV-C lamps.


rack mount

19″ 3U

Rugged & road-ready in a professional 19” 3U rackmount format.

Simply place the microphones on the stainless-steel grille, close the irradiation chamber and press start.

The steel grille can accommodate up to three handheld mics or handheld transmitters.
It is also possible to disinfect other items like headsets, lavalier microphones etc.



proof of effectiveness


The disinfection level of Li.LAC has been approved by an independent, accredited laboratory.

* The exact surface disinfection level varies with the type of virus or bacteria and with the shape and the surface of the microphone or object to be disinfected.


microphone and material compatibility


Any kind of intense cleaning procedure (soap & water, alcohol or UVC light) has a long-term effect on the materials used in or on microphones. Different kinds of plastics and the outer appearance (color / gloss) especially, can be altered or degraded by “too much cleaning”.

We have run numerous tests with various microphones inside Li.LAC to evaluate the long-time impact of UV-C light.

The results show that the aging effect implied by UV-C disinfection inside Li.LAC is negligible compared to the normal aging that happens to the microphones (by mechanical impacts, dirt, humidity etc.).

the professional approach

Li.LAC provides low impact, contactless cleaning and disinfection through ultraviolet light (UV-C).

Li.LAC has an intuitive control panel with colour display:

  • Violet = disinfection is running and UV-C lights are active
  • Green = disinfection completed
  • Red = error (chamber opened too early or UV-C lamp error)

Li.LAC is engineered and produced in Germany.


Li.LAC's latest stories

Rockstars …

Rockstars …

…, musicians, professors, politicians, opera singers, preachers, radio hosts, rappers, entertainers, tour guides, karaoke singers,

Dead easy to use

Dead easy to use

Li.LAC resembles a futuristic sandwich grill in a rugged, road-ready 19” 3U rackmount unit. Simply

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