What is inside Li.LAC?

The main section of Li.LAC is a UV-C irradiation chamber with a metal grille (the “wine rack”) that can hold up to 3 handheld mics or transmitters. All boundaries of this chamber are coated with aluminium, UV-C-optimized, diffusing mirrors. The shape of these mirrors and the irradiation chamber was optimized by using advanced raytracing and rendering techniques. The result is a distribution of UV-C energy that is purposely not homogeneous within the chamber:

The microphone shaft (the lower half of the microphone) is exposed to an irradiation of approx. 350 to 600µW/cm².
This energy is sufficient for reducing microorganisms on flat surfaces (like the mic shaft) without wearing out UV-C sensitive plastic parts like for example the acrylic display glass on a handheld transmitter.

The microphone head (with metal grille and inner foam) is exposed to a higher irradiation of approx. 800 to 6000µW/cm².
The higher energy and the highly diffusing mirrors of the chamber ensure sufficient all-side exposure of the metal grille and the foam underneath.

This is why it is important to place the microphones in the right direction inside Li.LAC.

It is also important to understand that any kind of shadowing effect (for example by putting too many items into the chamber) will reduce the effectiveness of the disinfection.

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