An evening with President Barack Obama and Li.LAC

Microphones are used and touched by several people on stage. When speaking into a microphone, pathogens can be transferred onto the microphone through aerosols. These pathogens can easily be passed on if the microphone comes into contact with skin or lips.

Last week, the full-service production company Infinity Staging Services accompanied Barack Obama on his European tour on three evenings in the Hallenstadion in Zurich, in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin.

The Li.LAC Microphone Disinfector was used to ensure microphone hygiene.
Li.LAC enables fast, simple and scientifically verified disinfection of microphones by exposure to uv-c light.

Production manager Simon Rausch: “… Health and safety are very important factors for our customers and also for our crew. By using Li.LAC we can ensure that the microphones we deploy and hand over to the customer are hygienic and free of pathogens. Especially with a prominent speaker like Barack Obama, we wanted to play it extra safe. …”

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