How covid affected the music industry

The covid pandemic affected all industries, but one of the most popular of those affected was the music industry. As one strong pillar were massive social events such as music shows, festivals, and concerts. Just like other industries, the music industry had to reinvent themselves. Keep reading to find out more about the effects of the pandemic.

When the health authorities indicated the start of the quarantine, the creative industry was among the firsts to start looking for ways to adapt and survive in difficult times. This industry was an early adopter of digitalization, it resulted in the necessity for innovation to discover new creative ways to hold and share entertainment.

Movie and show platforms broke records during the pandemic for reaching the largest number of subscribers. It became part of daily routine to marathon movies and shows, however for music platforms it was not the same result.

It was reported that Spotify streams of the world’s biggest hits were actually down 11%. This phenomenon happened because not only did live music close, but also bars, restaurants and all the places where recorded music was played from the platforms.

Also, people were no longer moving from one place to another, so the lapses in which they listened to music no longer existed.


One of the first activities to be shut down during the pandemic were the massive events, concerts and any kind of live music, so the economic impact was very strong not only for the artists but also for the musicians, producers, event organizers, music records, from road crew and sound engineers to security guards. Many people lost their jobs.

Although huge named artists like Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Pink went viral streaming live concerts on their social media accounts during lockdown. Many artists joined this trend, so much so that the organization One World Together at Home held a series of concerts via streaming in order to honor and raise funds for frontline workers during covid. In this way, the artists began to create their own paid concerts via streaming, replacing the live concerts that we could not attend.

Music after Covid

Once the concerts were allowed, they returned with many rules like less fan and artist interaction, fewer people allowed per event, social distancing, and many hygiene measures such as the use of face masks, masks, handwashing, and antibacterial gel.

Something the pandemic taught us was to be more aware of our hygiene, so one of the cleaning practices that remind us after covid is to disinfect daily use things. One of the items that were never given much thought, now were perceived as beacons of potential contagion: microphones.

Microphones can be used by many hands, therefore can hold a lot of bacteria, viruses and dirt, it is important to disinfect between use in a proper way. Li.LAC offers a complete disinfection system by using UV-C light that can kill up to 99.3% of the viral load on strongly contaminated microphones.

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