Proof of effectiveness

The University Medical Center Groningen validates the effectiveness of Li.LAC We wanted to know exactly how well the UV-C irradiation inside Li.LAC would inactivate viruses on the complex surface of a real microphone, including the metal grille and the foam underneath. After five months of testing and hard work, we have some exciting results. June […]

Behind the scenes

Li.LAC assembly is in full swing. The Li.LAC microphone disinfector is manufactured in Germany. The LAC Labs team consists of experienced technicians and engineers from the sound reinforcement and event industry who are unable to work in their normal jobs due to the Covid crisis. Users build for users!Li.LAC instead of “Rock am Ring”. Previous […]

Rockstars …

Rockstars, musicians, professors, politicians, opera singers, preachers, radio hosts, rappers, entertainers, tour guides, karaoke singers, and audio engineers …all use microphones. But how to achieve microphone hygiene during a pandemic? Soap and water? Alcohol wipes? Disinfectant spray? Li.LAC is a new solution:Professional and automated microphone disinfection through ultraviolet light.

Dead easy to use

Li.LAC resembles a futuristic sandwich grill in a rugged, road-ready 19” 3U rackmount unit. Simply place up to three handheld microphones or handheld transmitters onto the stainless-steel grille, close the irradiation chamber and press START.(*It is also possible to place other items like headsets, lavalier microphones etc.) The disinfection cycle takes 5 to 10 minutes.Additional […]