Lewis Lowder

Li.LAC The Weeknd monitor world

Monitor engineer for The Weeknd “… I had the opportunity to try out Li.LAC for the first time this year and I love it. I’ve been curious about Li.LAC since seeing that Adele’s crew were carrying them a couple of years ago. After using it, I honestly think this should be standard in every RF […]

Ken “Pooch” Van Druten & Kevin “Tater” McCarthy

Li.LAC backstage with Iron Maiden

FOH and MON engineers for Iron Maiden “… Even pre-pandemic we have been concerned about the safety of our artists. Tater has always subscribed to a rigorous practice of cleaning windscreens, pop-filters and disinfecting each microphone with care every day. The Li.LAC is an additional step towards the goal of keeping our clients healthy. In […]

Anthony Shlifka

Li.LAC microphone disinfector backstage with Brooks and Dunn

Monitor engineer for Brooks and Dunn “… Li.LAC is a high quality and innovative product, well-built and very visually appealing. It has been very useful and literally assisted me in avoiding catching covid from one of my artists…”

Ian Álvarez

Ian Alvarez Deep Purple Monitor World

Monitor engineer for Deep Purple and David Bisbal “…We say no one is irreplaceable, but when you’re on a concert tour, your musicians really are, especially your singer. Doing everything possible to keep them safe and healthy is essential to have a smooth and happy run. The Li.LAC microphone disinfector makes this job a lot […]

Paddi Krause

Paddi Krause and Li.LAC backstage with In Flames

Monitor Engineer for In Flames, Toto “…The last two things you wanna have in your microphone grill and capsule are germs/bacteria/viruses and moisture. Disinfectant spray gets one job done but aggravates the other. Li.LAC kills two birds with one stone and has become a permanent device in my rigs.Not just for microphones… and not just […]

Flo Herkert

Flo Herkert Li.LAC Digico Klang

Flo Herkert “… Microphone hygiene has always been an important topic. I am a fan of good and intelligent solutions. Li.LAC hits the mark! The idea and implementation convinced me straight away, plus the high quality and tour-ready robust design. Operating Li.LAC is dead simple, it also looks great and for me it will be […]

Tobias Kiemann

Tobias Kiemann and Li.LAC backstage with Die Fantastischen Vier

Tobias Kiemann, 2nd Monitor and RF Engineer “Die Fantastischen Vier” “…I have always paid a lot of attention to microphone hygiene. In these viral times, Li.LAC makes my work a lot easier…“

René Köpke

Li.LAC at SEEED monitor world

René Köpke, Monitor Engineer SEEED “… the risk of infection still exists, so it is important for us at SEEED to have a practical and road-ready solution for the disinfection of our microphones. I can truly recommend Li.LAC …”

John Kaylor

Li.LAC backstage at Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa’s production manager & monitor engineer “… While touring the world with Joe Bonamassa taking care of the hygiene of the band’s vocal microphones is of the up most importance. I love the ease of use with the Li.LAC. No more dealing with liquids that degrade the windscreens. Simply place the mics in the […]

Lewe Redlin

Lewe Redlin

Monitor Engineer for Sarah Brightman “When I first heard about Li.LAC, I thought: good idea, but will it survive on tour? Then I saw Li.LAC and I realized: this thing has to be on my tours! Being a monitor engineer, I have always tried to supply clean and disinfected microphones to my clients. Before Li.LAC […]

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