Ferdi Smit

Li.LAC at Talpa Radio

Broadcast/Audio engineer, Talpa Network, NL “Talpa Network is one of the largest media companies in the Netherlands. Talpa is the owner of a number of national radio stations, including Radio 538, Radio 10, SkyRadio and Radio Veronica. We provide daily performances by national and international artists for each of these radio stations. Due to the […]

Jan Hoffman

Jan Hoffmann and Li.LAC

TDA Rental “After my first experiences I can say that Li.LAC offers a great, intelligent, economical and reliable solution for microphone disinfection. At this year’s general meeting of FC Schalke 04 in the Veltins Arena, multiple speakers were supposed to speak at the lectern, taking into account the current hygiene regulations. A perfect occasion for […]

Andreas Rauscher

Li.LAC audio machinery Berlin

audio-machinery, Berlin “audio-machinery is a technical service provider in the fields of broadcast, studio and live sound. We had already invested in UV-C disinfection technology in June 2020. Now we are very pleased to finally have Li.LAC, a road-ready device that was specifically developed for our industry. Thus, we have one less worry during transportation, […]

Filip Veirman

Li.LAC microphone disinfector

Cube521 theater, Luxembourg “… It was normal to share microphones. It was normal to pass a handheld mic from one singer to the next or to pass a mic through an audience for Q&A for example. Nobody, at least in my experience, cared about hygiene or found it necessary to clean the microphone grille. Then, […]

Ingeborg Doblander

Li.LAC microphone disinfector

Head of Technical Production, Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna “We chose Li.LAC because we were looking for a safe, convenient, and fast way to disinfect microphones. Our Li.LAC is installed in a mobile rack so that we can use it in our concert halls as required.”

Mike Airey

Li.LAC backstage at Deep Purple

Deep Purple Production Manager “… The health and well-being of my artists are paramount, more so in the current climate. The Li.LAC unit provides fast, easy & safe disinfection of microphones, and is now an essential part of the Deep Purple touring arsenal. …”

Ravi Rai

Li.LAC and Ravi Rai

Monitor Engineer “Wincent Weiss” “Viruses, bacteria, aerosols, droplets – these words are on everyone’s lips, especially today. In order to optimally protect our artist Wincent Weiss while we are on tour and to minimize the risk of infections, we disinfect our microphones thoroughly and easily with Li.LAC.”

Kristof “Beli” Beliczey

Kristof Beli Beliczey

2. Heimat Tourservice, Production Manager “Bosse” “I first tested Li.LAC at the beginning of the “festival season” 2021 and then bought it straight away, as the idea and, above all, the rugged and road-ready implementation of the device convinced me straight away. When planning and implementing hygiene concepts, it is usually primarily about the audience, […]

Tim Ehrenfried

Tim Ehrenfried and Li.LAC

4LIVE Production, Monitor Engineer “Jan Delay & Disko Nr.1” “We are currently in a state of a pandemic. Covid19 has all of us and especially the live music industry firmly under its control. Nevertheless, we are lucky to play some shows with “Jan Delay & Disko No.1“ on a national level during the summer of […]

Tom Khan

Li.LAC microphone disinfector

Sing meinen Song “The recording of “Sing meinen Song”, which took place in the 8th season, was filmed in February 2021 in Germany under strict hygiene regulations. Due to these requirements, we also planned for the greatest possible safety in the audio department. Fortunately, Li.LAC was presented at the same time as our preparations, whereupon […]

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